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Heritage 13 – our most recent journal

Cover of Heritage 13

Contents include:

Marrickville Tweeds and Moreton Bay Figs, by John Vicars
John tells of the 100 years of the family woollen mill in Marrickville, begun by his great-grandfather, now the site of Marrickville Metro shopping centre.

The Green Man Grins In Marrickville, by Wendy Dyson
Wendy looks at local examples of the ancient image of the Green Man and tells his story.

Harry Stone’s Sydenham, interview by Ian Phillips (edited by Richard Blair)
Harry tells how he refused to move when Sydney Airport expanded in the 1990s and his Sydenham house and rear factory were earmarked for demolition.

Newtown As I Remember It: 1929-1937, by Evelyn Broadfield
Evelyn remembers the terrace house in Lennox Street, Newtown, called Rose, where she grew up and her childhood in the area.

Sudan War Medals, by Bruce Woodhouse
Bruce’s great-grandfather was part of the first contingent of troops sent overseas by the colony of New South Wales to avenge the death of General Gordon in Sudan.

Hoyts Marrickville, by Les Todd
Marrickville once had three cinemas seating 6,200 people. Les recalls the heyday of one of them.

The Siege of Union Street, by Yvonne Preston
Yvonne writes of the Depression year, 1931, when the tenants of 143 Union Street, Newtown, were shot at by police attempting to evict them.

Violet Davies – Stanmore’s Painter Of Promise, by Silas Clifford-Smith
Oil painter and arts administrator Violet Davies of Stanmore, was one of several largely neglected female artists.

A Gift From Utah, USA, by Ann O’Connell
Ann writes about a photographic link between late 19th century Newtown and the United States.

Editorial committee for Heritage 13: Richard Blair, Shirley Hilyard, Chris Matheson, Yvonne Preston and Keith Sutton. This journal is available for sale for at MHS meetings or can be ordered c/o MHS

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