Johnstons Creek Parklands Annandale walking tour with Jason Chatwin – Saturday 27 July

This walk is designed to tell a story of the area we know today as The Glebe Foreshore Parklands.

It is a story of reclamation, transportation, recreation and transformation.

We will stroll around the former high tide shoreline of Rozelle Bay, now known as The Glebe Parklands, stopping at points of interest, some obvious , some not. Large historic photos will help us see the changes over the years. The final leg will follow the present day foreshore back to the tour start.

The tour will be led by Jason Chatwin who was born and raised in Annandale. Jason has long held an interest in the history of the area.

Meet at 10am at the Rozelle Bay Light Rail stop on Bayview Crescent ; 433 bus stops on The Crescent are nearby. Public transport is recommended due to local parking restrictions, although Railway Parade does have free, unrestricted parking.

Bookings made with Richard at Please advise if you need to cancel.