Leave a gift to the Marrickville Heritage Society in your Will

What your gift to the Marrickville Heritage Society will do

Leaving a gift/bequest in your Will to the Marrickville Heritage Society will ensure the valuable study, research and documentation of the heritage, history, and environment of our locality continues, and the appreciation of our diverse cultural inheritance carries on into the future.

By donating to the Marrickville Heritage Society in your Will, you are making a statement of how important it is to you that our cultural, natural, and built heritage is conserved. 

Your gift/bequest may take several forms, including a:

  • percentage of your Estate;
  • residuary bequest, i.e. the remainder of your Estate after you have made specific gifts to family and friends. This ensures your generosity is inflation proof, and removes the need to put a value on your gift/bequest;
  • specific bequest such as property, shares, a sum of money, etc;
  • contingency bequest, in the event that one of your beneficiaries dies before you do, and your Executor cannot distribute his/her bequest as planned;

How to ensure your donation is received by Marrickville Heritage Society

It is very important to use the correct wording to ensure your gift is received by the Marrickville Heritage Society if this is where you want your donation to be received. The following is a guide:

“I GIVE to THE MARRICKVILLE HERITAGE SOCIETY INC ABN 75 016 843 096 for its general purposes and free of all duties and testamentary expenses,

  • The whole of my Estate; OR
  • [insert number] percentage of my estate; OR 
  • [insert number] $[amount]; OR
  • The residue of my estate; OR
  • (details of specific assets or gifts to be left from your Estate e.g. shares, life insurance policy, real estate or objects)

for which an official receipt from the Marrickville Heritage Society will be a sufficient discharge of my Executor.

Handy hints

It is a good idea if your gift:

  • is an object (such as a painting, books, object, art, etc) to include a detailed description and photograph of the object.  
  • has financial value it is a good idea to include a Valuation.

Disclaimer: The content on this page does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.  Appropriate legal advice should be obtained in actual situations.