Dibble Avenue’s Waterhole

Tucked away amongst trees and homes between Riverside Crescent and Ewart Street Marrickville is a body of water.  Home to bird and animal species as well as native flora it is called Dibble Avenue Waterhole. Its name derives from the avenue which is the only real access for the general public. This is probably just… Continue reading Dibble Avenue’s Waterhole


Building Blocks of Empire

Sometime ago an enquiry was made through Facebook for information on a brick found in a backyard. A photo was supplied and we were able to help with some background information on its origin.  One person replied to the photo with the tongue in cheek comment “It’s a brick”. While obviously true, it was a… Continue reading Building Blocks of Empire


50-52 Warren Road – behind the facade

From the street 50-52 Warren Road looks like a typical 1930s Art Deco block of flats, side by side, with beautiful colour variation in the bricks which make them stand out.  But in a twist on today’s development practice, where the façade of a property is kept and the rest demolished, here we have the… Continue reading 50-52 Warren Road – behind the facade