Life members of Marrickville Heritage Society

From time to time the society bestows life membership.

Recipients are people who have made a significant contribution to the society and its work in ensuring the preservation of the built heritage of Marrickville. They may also have played a significant role in adding to the collective memory of Marrickville and its past.

We wish to honour and pay our respects to:

Maisie Cox* (1990)
Leslie Brooks* (1991)
Mary Tait* (1991)
Shirley Hilyard (2000)
Margaret Sinclair (2008)
Richard Blair (2011)
Diane McCarthy (2013)
Lorraine Beach (2015)
Scott MacArthur (2016)
Florence (Lu) Bell (2019)
Laurel & Robert Horton (2022)

Eve Sharpe* (1990)
Amy Needham* (1991)
Peter Arnett* (1998)
Chrys Meader (2000)
Robert Thompson (2009)
Robert Hutchinson (2012)
Geoffrey Ostling (2014)
Richard Cashman (2016)
Ian Phillips (2017)
Ted Green (2020)
Iain Carolin (2022)