Marrickville – a past worth preserving

Purple book cover with a collage of heritage themed images


  • A fresh look at 19th century St Peters, by Robert Horton
  • A St Peters family, by Laurel Horton
  • By the blue lagoon – a family memoir, by Merle Kavanagh
  • Charles Abel and his food empire, by Lyn Collingwood
  • Employment of children, by Laurel Horton
  • Family life at the rectory: St Peters Church Cooks River, by Rosalind Torrent
  • Forgotten Memories: Marrickville Road in the 1960s, by Chrys Meader
  • Henry, his roses, four siblings and their Francophile brother – a memoir on the Quinns’ 52-year residency in Petersham, by John Chappell
  • James Conley and family of Kingston, by Patricia Steane
  • Marrickville Municipal Symphony Orchestra (1930-1953), by Robert Parkinson
  • Marrickville: my ‘Shangri-La’, by Mary Cleghorn
  • Memories of ‘my’ Newtown, by Betty Biffin
  • My memories of Livingstone Park, by Peter Chinn
  • Stories behind the names, by Laurel Horton
  • St Peters: connecting with a written past, by Robert Horton
  • The Bible bashers: the Churches of Christ in the Marrickville area, by Lynn Collingwood
  • The Marrickville Horticultural Society: a blooming history, by Peter Cousens
  • The stained glass windows of St Peters Church Cooks River, by Laurel Horton
  • Theo Flynn, by Lyn Collingwood
  • Two Newtown identities, by Fred Sinfield
  • Whatever happened to Emanuel Brace? by Kate Dunbar
  • World sport comes to Marrickville, by Shirley Doolan