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The Lebanese in Australia

Saturday 22nd October 2011

The Australian Lebanese Historical Society: the first 10 years

Talk by Freda Backes
Herb Greedy Hall, 79 Petersham Road, Marrickville
10.15 am for 10.30am start

Freda Bankes was raised in Braidwood where her paternal grandparents had founded a small business in 1912. Although interested in history, Freda only started thinking about her heritage when older family members started dying: they were leaving behind tangible evidence of their Lebanese identity and their early life in Australia, as immigrants or children of immigrants.

The Australian Lebanese Historical Society was founded to record this aspect of Australian history. Freda was a founder member of this Society and was President for ten years. She will speak to us about the evolution of the ALHS and some of the surprising things she and fellow members discovered about themselves and their forebears when they began to get serious about their history. Freda has also been a member of the History Council of NSW and a committee member of Randwick and District Historical Society.

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