Celebrations, Enmore

Merry Christmas

Marrickville Heritage Society wishes all of it’s  members and readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas.

Updates to the calendar and more posts will appear after the Christmas break.

To Yule Tide you over until then, I would like to share this photograph from 1938 taken outside the Enmore Theatre.

Enmore Theatre lorry – free Christmas cake to each child, Sat. matinee 24 Dec 1938.
State Library of NSW

Perhaps  you were one of the lucky children to receive a piece of the “Worlds Largest Xmas Cake”? We’d love to hear from you if you were!

Everyone is invited to post comments below. There is no need to register as we currently accept guest posts.

For those with a love for trivia the Sydney Morning Herald of the day showed Enmore Hoyts to be playing “Life Begins with Love” and “Paid to Dance” as the movies of the day. Though, I’d have to question if either of those were suitable for childrens’ matinee movies including free cake!

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