Heritage 1 & 2

Heritage 1 contents

  • Early land grants in Marrickville, by Richard Cashman
  • ‘Up the street’ or ‘Down the street’ – shopping locally, by Barbara Little
  • Fowler Potteries 1837-1975: Part 1, by Barry Nicholls
  • Cemeteries of Marrickville, by Chrys Meader
  • Mapping of the history of St Peters and Tempe, by Bob Thompson
  • The Gannons of Tempe: Part 1, by Anne Carolan

Heritage 2 contents

  • A trip to Marrick, North Yorkshire, by Richard Cashman
  • Petersham, Stanmore, Dulwich Hill, Marrickville: What’s in a name?, by Barbara Little
  • Pubs, By Chrys Meader
  • Jean Moncur of Moncur Street, by Richard Cashman and Chrys Meader
  • By tranquil waters and Cooks River, by Joanna Mendelssohn
  • The Petersham Estate and its subdivisions, by Chrys Meader
  • The early history of Stanmore, by Tony Prescott
  • Bayview House, Tempe, by Robert Thompson
  • “Mourning Victory”: The History of “The Winged Victory”, a personal viewpoint, by Gregory Robertson
  • St Peters Church, Cooks River, by Laurel Richardson
  • The Gannons of Tempe: Part 2, by Anne Carolan
  • Memories of Fort Street, Petersham, by Eleanor M Nixon
  • Fowler Potteries 1837-1975: Part 2, by Gary Nicholls

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