Heritage 16

Heritage 16 contents

  • Old Marrickville Hospital and the new Marrickville Library, by Anna Simanowsky and Sarah Trevor
  • Lewisham Hospital and the Little Company of Mary: one hundred years of caregiving, by Jan Garaty
  • Pictorial history of the ambulance service in Newtown and Marrickville, by John Atkinson and Richard Blair
  • Louis Friedenreich (c. 1859-1924), master baker of Newtown, by Peter Cousens
  • Tempe Hurling Club and the Gannon’s Paddock affair of 1899, by Mary Barthelemy
  • Tivoli, St Peters and Richard Reilly (1816-1895), by Maureen Fletcher
  • The Smiths of Marionette, by June Peka
  • An air tragedy in Petersham 1945, by Kenneth Swinbourne
  • Lewisham Hospital 1946 plane crash, by Richard Blair
  • Portraits of Fanny Durack, by Mary Barthelemy
  • Harry Valentine and Marrickville; actor, elocutionist, teacher & theatrical producer, by Wendy Valentine
  • The extraordinary history of the 1st Dulwich Hill Scout Group, by Mark Sabolch and Gordon Nurse

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