Heritage 5

Heritage 5 contents

  • The Appa Teeza hamburger shop, Enmore, 1939-1946, told to Megan Hicks by Stan and Phoebe Bales
  • Ballroom Dancing 1920-1950, by Phyllis McCorquodale
  • Marrickville Town Hall, by Chrys Meader
  • The Good Samaritan Order at Marrickville, by Sister Mary Dominica McEwen
  • Lesslie and Ann Duguid of the Poffle, St Peters, by Robert Stewart Cameron
  • Bonnie Doon Golf Club: Its origins in Tempe 1897-1907, by Anne Carolan
  • Horse racing in mid-19th century Marrickville: Petersham Racecourse, Newtown Steeplechase and Barwon Park Turf Club, by Richard Cashman
  • Tempe Wesleyanism, by Leslie Fairbairn
  • The restoration of Merrydale, Petersham, by David Pitt-Owen
  • 1988 in Marrickville The Artists: Linley Davis, Anna Glynn, Pamela Griffith
  • The Winged Victory’s two sculptors: Gilbert Doble and Alex Kolozsy, by Anne Carolan
  • Marrickville Municipal Council Archival Reference Centre: The first archivist, by Rhona Clement
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