Heritage 6

Heritage 6 contents

  • Return of the native: Birds in the Marrickville garden, by Clare Herscovitch
  • The Newington Inn 1858-1989: Old Marrickville’s Oldest Hotel, by Judith Matheson
  • Marrickville’s bridges – An illustrated tour, by Don Fraser
  • Great days and jolly days at Newington: Tall tales and true of teachers past, by Peter Swain
  • Slate roofing, by Evelyn Watkins
  • The 1889 Marrickville floods and the Tramvale Estate scandal, by Richard Cashman
  • Look Mum, it’s a flying machine! Mascot before the jets and jumbos, by Leonard Robert Carolan
  • The Pocket Playhouse 1957-1973, by Geoffrey Ostling
  • Marrickville’s world famous Wurlitzer, by Frank Ellis
  • All about Eve! A tribute to our patron, Eve Sharpe, by Shirley Hilyard
  • The world is made up of a million local histories: A guide to the Local Studies collection, Marrickville Municipal Council’s Libraries department, by Chrys Meader

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