Heritage 9

Heritage 9 contents

  • Mary Reibey: ‘The new currency lass”, by Nance Irvine
  • Stanmore House: Its past and future, by Elisha Long
  • A hard life…but a happy one!, Joyce Allen’s story by Caroline Plim
  • ‘Changes seemed to snowball’, by Margaret Phillips
  • The Cooks River Tour, a walking guide compiled by Mark Matheson
  • To Lilian – A calligraphic splendour, by Rod Byatt
  • I’ll always remember, by Hilda B. York
  • Petersham Scouts, by Ken Haylings
  • Hardy Wilson and Newington, by Peter L. Swain
  • Then and now, by Mark Matheson
  • Map of Marrickville area showing locations mentioned in the journal
  • St Clements Dilemma, by Mark Matheson

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