Heritage 15

Heritage 15 contents

  • Editorial, by Richard Blair
  • Who named Marrickville? by Rodney Aanensen
  • John Plant Wright: A formidable figure in Victorian Sydney, by Chris Pratten
  • Miss Brown’s Newtown, by Jan Prittard
  • Fatima Island, Cooks River, Tempe: Pageants and a lost heritage, by Mary Barthelemy
  • Bathsheba Ghost: A convict woman’s rise from adversity, by Veronica Kooyman
  • Henry Lawson My Army Association Collection, by Don Doherty
  • ‘Just a few lines’: World War 1 letters from two Australian servicemen abroad to Eric McGlinchey of Enmore, by Richard Blair
  • Sister Anna Gardiner Garden (1865-1951) of Muiryshade, Stanmore, by Lyn Collingwood
  • The first Marrickville Municipal Council chambers and library, by Rodney Aanensen
  • Winged Victory – a timeline, by Lorraine Beach
  • The trials and tribulations of Fr Jerger 1916-1920, by Janice Garaty
  • Hughenden Terrace, 59-67 Cavendish Street, Stanmore: These first-class and commodious houses, by Megan Hicks

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