Tracing Your House History – Estate Maps

When tracing your house’s history you should consider tracking down estate maps of the area.

These maps can show a number of things.  Take for example the map below. Isn’t it beautiful?

Image Source: Marrickville Library Services

As far as housing research goes this shows that the numbers on the maps do not match current street numbers, so in researching the early history of your home you might need to consider old lot or street numbers.

It also shows that the land was empty and that even if you can’t find details about your house number, perhaps your neighbour’s house history might shed some light.

If your house is very different from the rest of your neighbourhood then perhaps it was built later on land that had been reserved for a road.

People living in these parts of Addison & Illawarra Road also know to limit their search to dates after 1913.

Compare this other map though.

Image Source: Trove

This shows that the land had originally surrounded cottages owned by Mr Purdy (a market gardener – the 1891 census shows his name as John) and a cottage owned by Mr Tighe (probably William Tighe the son in law of John Beer who was a fruit grower).

Estate maps often show houses that are not part of the land sale, and the owner’s names. This may be an exciting find to someone who owns an older house in the street!

Estate maps can be found on Trove and Marrickville Library has many that you can view at the library (phone for an appointment) or online.

4 thoughts on “Tracing Your House History – Estate Maps”

  1. HI I'm interested in a house in Petersham/Marrickville and wondering if there might be anyone out there who might know about it. On a number of documents relating to my g-grandfather is the address “Glenbrook” Audley Street (sometimes Petersham, sometimes Marrickville). I'm not having much luck with street numbers – do you have any suggestions? Thanks Bev Mulcahy – Port Macquarie


  2. My great grand father Georhe Ernest Dibble and grandfather George william dibble were builders and developers and I believed developed Dibble Ave Marrickville. Do you have any information on what house are still there that they built?


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