Marrickville Town Hall – 100 years

On this day (11 February) in 1922 Marrickville's new Town Hall was opened with much fanfare. We shall be presenting a number of stories about its life and times over the last 100 (+28) years. Marrickville Town Hall, Marrickville Road. Fire Station to the left, 'Winged Victory' memorial to the right. Photo: Rod Aanensen Part… Continue reading Marrickville Town Hall – 100 years


Cadden and Andrews Marrickville Fashion House

World War I had been recently declared, and the social chit chat pages were a great distraction for the readers.The Newsletter was a broadsheet newspaper published in Sydney every Saturday. It carried the sub-title an up to date social, dramatic, sporting, political and general newspaper for the people. (Wikipedia)On 15 August 1914 the "Social Chat"… Continue reading Cadden and Andrews Marrickville Fashion House

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Addison Road Community Centre – 100 Years Serving the Community

To celebrate 100 years of the Addison Road Community Centre (ARCC), two walking tours were organised over the last week.  For anyone who missed out, they should keep an eye out on the ARCC site as they informed me they are looking at running more tours during the coming year.  Thanks to Graham Chacroft and… Continue reading Addison Road Community Centre – 100 Years Serving the Community


Tracing Your House History – Estate Maps

When tracing your house's history you should consider tracking down estate maps of the area. These maps can show a number of things.  Take for example the map below. Isn't it beautiful? Image Source: Marrickville Library Services As far as housing research goes this shows that the numbers on the maps do not match current… Continue reading Tracing Your House History – Estate Maps

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Heritage Lost: Brockleigh Mansion

Sometimes heritage is lost through neglect. Sometimes it's not been valued enough.  Brookleigh House at 86 Illawarra Road was lost through an act of vandalism. The mansion, built in 1886, was home to Theodore Anthony Clark, brother of retailer Henry Marcus Clark. It was one of few Victorian villas left in the area. While ostentatious… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Brockleigh Mansion