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Heritage Lost: Marrickville Incinerator

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954),
Friday 26 July 1912, page 11

The Marrickville Destructor was built in 1921. Located at the Marrickville Council Depot it was a local land mark, standing 43.5 metres tall. The Destructor was economical to run, costing in today’s currency about fifty cents for every ton of rubbish burnt.

Image Source: Kogarah City Council

It was located in Cecilia Street, Marrickville and only took Marrickville Council waste.
Staff were banned from taking waste for personal use, however you can see in the following picture a small kitten which they were able to rescue before it had been placed into the furnace.  The kitten survived a long time and was looked after by one of the workers who named him Indestructible or “Des” for short.

Image Source: Marrickville Council

If you check the SIX Maps website, you will find a great puff of smoke showing it’s location on the 1943 Aerial photographs database.


The Destructor was phased out in 1948 and later demolished. Marrickville Council then sent all of its waste to land fill.

REFERENCE: Marrickville Council

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