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Heritage Lost: Marrickville Incinerator

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Friday 26 July 1912, page 11   The Marrickville Destructor was built in 1921. Located at the Marrickville Council Depot it was a local land mark, standing 43.5 metres tall. The Destructor was economical to run, costing in today's currency about fifty cents for every ton of… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Marrickville Incinerator

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Heritage in Danger – 6 Livingstone Road, Petersham

The above photograph Sawtooth Roof by Deborah Kent was highly commended in the Marrickville Council's Urban Photography Competition (part of the Marrickville Medal awards). But this building is under threat. Council are now looking at whether it should be included on the heritage register, or if it should be knocked down to make way for… Continue reading Heritage in Danger – 6 Livingstone Road, Petersham

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Photo Histories: Marrickville Council Steam Rollers & Trucks

Our local heritage is not always bricks & mortar. These photos show some of the vehicles uses by Marrickville Council in times past.Image Source: Marrickville CouncilThis photo was taken in Stanmore Road in 1925.The National Museum of Australia says that Marrickville Council used a Aveling & Porter Model O, No 12539, Quick Reverse Tandem Steamroller… Continue reading Photo Histories: Marrickville Council Steam Rollers & Trucks

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Winged Victory – Missing in Action

Image Source: War Memorials NSW For the second time since it was erected, the Winged Victory Soldier's Memorial outside the Marrickville Town Hall has gone. Locals know it has been MIA for several years now, but the most popular question asked of us at the Marrickville Festival is "When will it return?". The simple answer… Continue reading Winged Victory – Missing in Action