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Heritage Lost: Addison Theatre

Image Source: Cinema TreasuresLocated in the Marrickville suburb of Sydney. Operated by Acme Theatres, the Addison Theatre opened in January 1934 and was a typical suburban independent, running double bills every week.Closed in December 1959 the Addison Theatre was demolished and a gas station occupies the site today. (Ref: Cinema Treasures)The Queenslander, Thursday 14 March… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Addison Theatre

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Marrickville Eisteddfod

The first Marrickville Eisteddfod was held at the Railway Institute Hall (Chalmers Street, Surry Hills) from April 6th to April 17th, 1935. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954), Wednesday 6 February 1935, page 17 Source: The Eisteddfod's were originally established for Railway employees and their families (later being opened to the public) and… Continue reading Marrickville Eisteddfod

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Heritage Lost: Mastertouch Piano Roll Company

After having written the post about the Stanmore Fire Station and it's subsequent sale to the Mastertouch Piano Roll company I sadly received an email saying the former owner of Mastertouch (and a MHS member), Barclay Wright had passed away peacefully on 25 February, 2013 after a short illness. The Sydney Morning Herald - September… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Mastertouch Piano Roll Company