Petersham Race Track

During the Dulwich Hill Fair, we were asked about the location of the local horse racing track. As promised, here is some information ....This lovely picture is held by the Library of NSW entitled Race Meeting at Petersham (c. 1845)The race meeting depicted here was held at the private racecourse of Thomas Shaw, licensee of… Continue reading Petersham Race Track

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Street Names: Toothill Street, Lewisham

In the first part of the 19th Century, the area around Lewisham was heavily wooded. In the 1830's Lewisham was a popular hunting area. The hill which slopes down from New Canterbury Road towards Long Cove Creek (the train viaduct goes over this) and Gambling Creek was the point where the leader of the huntsmen… Continue reading Street Names: Toothill Street, Lewisham

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Heritage Lost: Mastertouch Piano Roll Company

After having written the post about the Stanmore Fire Station and it's subsequent sale to the Mastertouch Piano Roll company I sadly received an email saying the former owner of Mastertouch (and a MHS member), Barclay Wright had passed away peacefully on 25 February, 2013 after a short illness. The Sydney Morning Herald - September… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Mastertouch Piano Roll Company

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Fire Stations: Stanmore

Originally named Marrickville Fire Station and located in Petersham, Stanmore Fire Station holds an important part of Sydney's history by being the first Fire Station built for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.Stanmore Fire Station 1912. Image: Marrickville Image LibraryAll fire stations were given a number as they were built, starting with Headquarters or No 1, but… Continue reading Fire Stations: Stanmore

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Chevy Chase Petersham Residence

Before there was Chevy Chase the actor, there was Chevy Chase the residence....Picture: house was built c. 1881 for Nicholas Hopson (who purchased the land in 1879 from J.L. Castner). Hopson named his house Chevy Chase. Originally the home had a carriage drive and circular planting bed. This can be seen in the aerial photograph… Continue reading Chevy Chase Petersham Residence

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Street Names: Crystal & Palace Streets Petersham

When Petersham railway station was first opened in 1855 it was called Sydenham Station as the surrounding area was known as Sydenham Farms.The Farms were split up and sold during the mid 1850s and around this time two streets were renamed after the Crystal Palace which was designed for the Great Exhibition in London in… Continue reading Street Names: Crystal & Palace Streets Petersham

Architecture, Petersham


Petersham station opened in 1857. Petersham Station 1870sPhoto: Art Gallery of NSW The former Petersham railway station building is located in Terminus Street. This heritage listed building, completed in 1885, was designed by George Cowdery in the Victorian Italianate architectural style. It is the only major 'First Class' station building known to have been built… Continue reading RAILWAY STATIONS: Petersham

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The Hanging of the Bushrangers who Murdered Dr Wardell

Those of us living around Marrickville have heard the name Wardell, mostly because of the road that leads from Petersham to Earlwood. Named for Dr Robert Wardell, a barrister who, along with William Wentworth (Blue Mountains explorer), ran the colony's first private newspaper: Australian. Early in the afternoon of Sunday, 7 September 1834, astride his hack,… Continue reading The Hanging of the Bushrangers who Murdered Dr Wardell