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Heritage Lost: Myrtle Grove

This post is not about a house that has been destroyed, demolished or neglected. Like Chevy Chase, this house has been changed so much that it's heritage value has been lost.However, as a home it very much has historical significance to the Marrickville area.This post started with an enquiry from someone in Myrtle Street wanting… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Myrtle Grove

Heritage Homes, heritage lost, Marrickville

Heritage Lost: Brockleigh Mansion

Sometimes heritage is lost through neglect. Sometimes it's not been valued enough.  Brookleigh House at 86 Illawarra Road was lost through an act of vandalism. The mansion, built in 1886, was home to Theodore Anthony Clark, brother of retailer Henry Marcus Clark. It was one of few Victorian villas left in the area. While ostentatious… Continue reading Heritage Lost: Brockleigh Mansion

Architecture, Heritage Homes, heritage lost

HERITAGE LOST: The Last House in a Street That Doesn’t Exist

"Heritage Watch" is one of the agenda items at the societies' monthly committee meeting. We consider development applications submitted to Marrickville council that affect buildings or structures with heritage significance. Development Application DA201100072 came to the attention of the society last year. The development application proposed to demolish the building Duncraggan (also known as J Milne… Continue reading HERITAGE LOST: The Last House in a Street That Doesn’t Exist

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Stead House, a grand Victorian Italianate residence located in Marrickville, was initially established as “Waterloo Villa” sometime in the early 1850s by Archibald Mitchell on part of the 30 acre grant known as “Wain’s Farm”."Frankfort House" 1905  Stead House is an excellent example of a remnant grand estate house that is the product of a… Continue reading HERITAGE HOMES: Stead House