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Marrickville Image Library

Marrickville Library Services have been busy adding images to their Local Services online database.The Collection features images of people, places, events, industry and landscapes held in the Marrickville Library Services Local Studies collection.Click here to take a look.An example of the collection is this picture of Chevy Chase taken around 1922. It shows just how… Continue reading Marrickville Image Library

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Chevy Chase Petersham Residence

Before there was Chevy Chase the actor, there was Chevy Chase the residence....Picture: realestate.com.auThe house was built c. 1881 for Nicholas Hopson (who purchased the land in 1879 from J.L. Castner). Hopson named his house Chevy Chase. Originally the home had a carriage drive and circular planting bed. This can be seen in the aerial photograph… Continue reading Chevy Chase Petersham Residence