Cooks River, Marrickville, St Peters, Sydenham, Tempe

Marrickville’s own "Sydney Harbour Bridge"

Okay .. so a slight exaggeration …

But there are many bridges in the local general area that have steel components manufactured by Dorman Long Co Ltd which were the engineering firm that built the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

One such bridge is the footbridge that crosses the Cooks River near the clubhouse of Marrickville Golf Links. If you’re lucky enough to catch the right lighting you’ll find the words “Dorman Long Co Ltd” embossed on the lower steel girders in the middle section of the bridge.

Image: Ian Phillips

This bridge has been earmarked for replacement but MHS would like to see some reuse of the steel to help maintain our links to our famous coathanger.

Other examples of Dorman Long steel can be found in the footbridge at St Peters Station (built 1914).

Image: NSW Environment & Heritage

Also Tempe Station …

Image: NSW Environment & Heritage

And a very similar footbridge at Sydenham station .. although it’s almost impossible to identify these days with so many “improvements”.

1 thought on “Marrickville’s own "Sydney Harbour Bridge"”

  1. There are indeed many bridges in Sydney that are worth visiting because of the wonderful sceneries that surround them, regardless of whether or not they are as majestic as the Sydney harbour itself. Pictures around these bridges are so beautiful that they are fit to be framed up or put as a digital wallpaper. They are very suitable for people seeking out pretty places to seek solace at.


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