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Marrickville’s own "Sydney Harbour Bridge"

Okay .. so a slight exaggeration ...But there are many bridges in the local general area that have steel components manufactured by Dorman Long Co Ltd which were the engineering firm that built the Sydney Harbour Bridge.One such bridge is the footbridge that crosses the Cooks River near the clubhouse of Marrickville Golf Links. If… Continue reading Marrickville’s own "Sydney Harbour Bridge"

Art and Artists, Cooks River

Tranquil Waters – Cooks River

In 1891 a letter to the Editor alerted Sydney Morning Herald readers that a number of men and boys had taken to bathing naked in Cooks River. Standing on projecting rocks "without the slightest show of concealment" the writer goes on to say "something should be done to make this pretty little river bearable in… Continue reading Tranquil Waters – Cooks River

Cooks River, Earlwood, Marrickville, Petersham

The Hanging of the Bushrangers who Murdered Dr Wardell

Those of us living around Marrickville have heard the name Wardell, mostly because of the road that leads from Petersham to Earlwood. Named for Dr Robert Wardell, a barrister who, along with William Wentworth (Blue Mountains explorer), ran the colony's first private newspaper: Australian. Early in the afternoon of Sunday, 7 September 1834, astride his hack,… Continue reading The Hanging of the Bushrangers who Murdered Dr Wardell

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Our latest publication – Marrickville: A Past Worth Preserving

Late in 2011 MHS published Marrickville: a past worth preserving. This 182 page book is a collection of articles submitted to an essay competition organised by the Society. Joint editors Keith Sutton, Richard Blair and Lorraine Beach describe the work: 'How do we categorise this book? These essays are so disparate. We've got family histories and… Continue reading Our latest publication – Marrickville: A Past Worth Preserving