Marrickville Town Hall – 100 years

On this day (11 February) in 1922 Marrickville's new Town Hall was opened with much fanfare. We shall be presenting a number of stories about its life and times over the last 100 (+28) years. Marrickville Town Hall, Marrickville Road. Fire Station to the left, 'Winged Victory' memorial to the right. Photo: Rod Aanensen Part… Continue reading Marrickville Town Hall – 100 years


New Winged Victory

This post has come via Marrickville Council's Facebook account. I am not certain as yet if the mini sculpture is what the replica will look like. Am waiting for council confirmation. Marrickville, we’re getting a new Winged Victory! Meridian, Australia's premier fine art foundry, will oversee the design and manufacture of our new Winged Victory… Continue reading New Winged Victory

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Winged Victory – Missing in Action

Image Source: War Memorials NSW For the second time since it was erected, the Winged Victory Soldier's Memorial outside the Marrickville Town Hall has gone. Locals know it has been MIA for several years now, but the most popular question asked of us at the Marrickville Festival is "When will it return?". The simple answer… Continue reading Winged Victory – Missing in Action