Cadden and Andrews Marrickville Fashion House

World War I had been recently declared, and the social chit chat pages were a great distraction for the readers.

The Newsletter was a broadsheet newspaper published in Sydney every Saturday. It carried the sub-title an up to date social, dramatic, sporting, political and general newspaper for the people. (Wikipedia)

On 15 August 1914 the “Social Chat” of the day began with a review of Cadden and Andrews’ Drapers of Marrickville.

Image: Courtesy of Marrickville Library
Site of drapers is in top middle of picture.

One of the most attractive fashion houses for ladies is Cadden and Andrews’, Marrickville. It equals the best in Sydney for millinery, laces, gloves, flowers and mounts, blouses and gowns. Just now the very latest French model hats have been opened and are proving a great attraction. The millinery department is under the management of Miss Fletcher, late of Kay’s in the Strand, and is thus brought right up to date.
Sands Directory 1910-1919 shows Cadden and Andrews’ at the corner of Petersham Road and Illawarra Road, Marrickville. Many will have recollections of a haberdashery store being on this site. Today it houses the Cornersmith Cafe.
An advert for the store was published in the Farmer & Settler paper in June 1914. (Prior to WWI the newspaper had been published twice a week, but shortly after the war began they became a daily publication in order to report on the war).

During early 1915 there were many adverts for salespersons to work in their store. Yet in The Freeman’s Journal advertised 11 November 1915:

The big dissolution sale of Messrs. Cadden and Andrews, general drapers, Marrickville and Campsie, commences to-day (Thursday), when customers will have an excellent opportunity of securing some fine bargains.

 What happened to this business? Could it have been a victim of war or had the partners fought a battle against each other?  A riddle to solve for another time.  Perhaps I’ll ponder it when I’m sipping coffee at the Cornersmith Cafe!

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