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Heritage Listed Trees

Image: Google Maps As this blog has shown before, heritage can take many forms. Item 185 of the Marrickville Council Heritage Register lists the footpath in Graham Avenue Marrickville and the 13 Canary Island date palm trees. Other trees exist on the register. Other Canary Island palms in Carrington Road are listed as is a… Continue reading Heritage Listed Trees

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Street Names: Juliett Street, Enmore

The society often recieves emails from people doing private research about family or their homes. We recently were asked how Juliett Street in Enmore got it's name. Juliett Street can be seen on an 1841 subdivision map of Enmore. Source: Trove It is assumed that the street was named after Isaac Josephson's wife Juliet (nee… Continue reading Street Names: Juliett Street, Enmore

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Street Names: Toothill Street, Lewisham

In the first part of the 19th Century, the area around Lewisham was heavily wooded. In the 1830's Lewisham was a popular hunting area. The hill which slopes down from New Canterbury Road towards Long Cove Creek (the train viaduct goes over this) and Gambling Creek was the point where the leader of the huntsmen… Continue reading Street Names: Toothill Street, Lewisham

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Street Names: Harrison Street & Woodbury Street

Harrison Street was named after James Start Harrison who was the owner of Woodbury.Woodbury was built in the 1880s and the land it stood was subdivided after James' death in 1902.Image Source: National Library of AustraliaFrom 1907 to 1914, the house functioned as Ermelo Private Hospital, before becoming the Lisgar Children's Home. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW… Continue reading Street Names: Harrison Street & Woodbury Street

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Street Names: Crystal & Palace Streets Petersham

When Petersham railway station was first opened in 1855 it was called Sydenham Station as the surrounding area was known as Sydenham Farms.The Farms were split up and sold during the mid 1850s and around this time two streets were renamed after the Crystal Palace which was designed for the Great Exhibition in London in… Continue reading Street Names: Crystal & Palace Streets Petersham

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Street Names: Liberty Street

Liberty Street, was formed prior to 1863. Local legend says its name arose from people diverting here to avoid the threepenny toll for users of Cooks River Road (now King Street). (Sound familiar?) Tollgate keeper Billy Meek at the toll-bar, King Street, at Newtown railway station c1870-72 City of Sydney Image Library The St Josephs… Continue reading Street Names: Liberty Street

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Street Names: Hollands Avenue

Hollands Avenue was named after a developer who built houses in the area. History The Hollands Avenue area is part of the former Cooper’s Dairy at 197 Livingstone Road, Marrickville which was established in 1879. The dairy had a mixture of Guernsey and Jersey cows. The property stretched from St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on Livingstone… Continue reading Street Names: Hollands Avenue